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8 Questions to Ask the Solar Panel Installation Company 

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Going solar is a huge decision. That’s because you will be spending thousands of dollars, including getting different permits. In simpler words, this is a long and tedious process. So, we are sharing the questions that you must ask the solar panel installation company before you sign the contract!

Many people hire the solar panel installation company to make the job easier but it’s not very easy either. That’s because everyone will pitch themselves to be the expert. However, not everyone does a good job at it. For this reason, you must ask them some questions because it will help you determine how professional and reliable they are. 

1. Why are you offering higher or lower prices as compared to other companies in the market?

When comparing two companies offering the same services, there is always a price difference. In some cases, the prices differ because of the products they use or the warranty period. Also, the prices depend on company size and overhead because it helps set an average price. Simply said, there are too many factors that impact the final price. 

So, when you hire someone, make sure you ask them why they are offering a certain price. It will help you determine the quality of products they will use, along with the warranty they offer. Keep in mind that if some company is offering a “too good to be true” price, they will probably skimp on the quality. 

2. Are you using Google Earth for system sizing?

It has become common for a solar panel installation company to use digital tools. These tools are suitable for initial assessment of the property but it doesn’t always offer the most updated data. One of these software solutions is Google Earth. However, the issue is that Google Earth doesn’t always consider tree growth and home renovations. This can result in inaccurate design and price quotes. 

So, if you want to hire a solar panel installation company that doesn’t mess up the details, make sure they take the measurements manually. They should take the real measurements of your property. Honestly, they can use digital software solutions and apps for a rough assessment, but on-site and manual measurements are always preferable. 

3. Are you offering a warranty for the services and products?

To begin with, when you will be spending so much money on solar panel installation, you should be sure that you are getting quality. The products they use should be high-quality, and they must come with a warranty. Keep in mind that a solar panel installation company doesn’t offer a warranty only when they aren’t sure about the quality of their products and services. 

So, make sure you ask them what is covered under warranty and what is not. In addition, you should ask how they will handle the issue if it arises and how they will repair things. In case something is not covered by warranty, you should ask them about the repair process and cost. 

4. Are you covered with insurance, and do you offer workers’ compensation to your staff? 

Think again if the answer is no. For instance, if the worst happens and an installer falls off your roof and gets hurt badly or even dies, the worker’s family will first sue the company. In this case, if the company doesn’t have insurance, they could go out of business, which is bad for you in two ways. 

As a first step, it means you can no longer get any kind of guarantee on the work. Second, the worker’s family could file a complaint against you. It might seem cheaper to hire installers who aren’t protected, but if something goes wrong, you’ll lose all of your savings.

5. Do you have an office in the area? 

People have understood how important it is to buy locally. To begin, it keeps good jobs and more of our energy dollars in the state. But there is also a real gain for solar customers in the area: A solar panel installation company from other states doesn’t always pay attention to the little things, which causes customers to wait and have problems. A truly local installer, on the other hand, has the reputation and established ties that make the installation process go more smoothly. 

6. How often does it go wrong after installation? What kinds of issues do you have, and how do you resolve them? 

It’s almost impossible for a business to say they’ve never had a problem. You just want to know that if something goes wrong, you’ll be safe. Could you find out how they handle service calls? 

Also, if they’re always fixing roof leaks or repairing damaged panels, you should look into it more. How are they going to keep these issues from happening again? How big of a problem is this in the solar business as a whole? Check out how the answers to this question compare to each other if you get more than one quote. 

7. Who do you work with to lend money? 

The solar panel installation company cannot decide the loan terms, but they can choose a partner who cares about you. You might even want to know why the business chose that particular loan over others. Solar businesses should know which loans are a good deal and which ones have tricky terms or traps. 

8. Could you send me references? 

The best way to find out about a business is to read reviews from other customers. And reviews from the company itself show that there is strong brand loyalty. 

Of course, you should also use Google to find out more. Here are some things to look for: Are there themes that keep coming up in the reviews? (Are people saying that the company was polite all the time? Or that the workers messed things up?) Are there new customer reviews, or do they all look old? How many reviews does the company have? A four-star rating from 40 customers might be a better sign of quality that stays the same than a five-star rating from one customer. 

The bottom line is that hiring a solar panel installation company is an important matter. If you think you need help finding someone reliable, Eco Energy Solutions is always a message away! 

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