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Safety Precautions that Wind Turbine Experts Must Take

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Renewable energy has become a thriving field. For this reason, wind turbines have become more common because they help make carbon-free electricity. That’s because when you use wind to produce electricity, you will be able to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, it is creating new opportunities for tech innovation, and more jobs will open, too.

However, you’ve to be careful about the safety of wind turbine experts. Keep in mind that it needs an in-depth understanding of different safety protocols and precautions. So, if you are working at a wind turbine site, we are sharing some of the safety precautions that you should keep in mind!

The Safety Precautions

Before we start sharing the safety precautions, it’s important to understand a different background that wind turbine experts work in. In most cases, the wind turbines are located in areas that aren’t easily accessible. In addition, the winds are harsh in these areas, so working here would be a challenge. Also, wind turbine experts work with towers, generators, rotors, and gearboxes, so being careful around them is important. So, with this section, we are sharing the safety precautions to keep in mind!

1. Proper Certifications and Training for Every Worker

When it comes down to wind turbine safety, you’ve to be careful about education and safety. That’s because all the wind turbine experts taking part in the wind energy production operation should have proper certifications and training. Their training must be certified, so there is an assurance that they can follow the emergency protocols and fix the turbine components. 

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Also, the certifications show that they can recognize the hazards and mitigate the risks. For instance, in the USA, there is a certification program with the name OSHA, and it shows that wind turbine experts have the skills to navigate different situations that might occur on the site. 

2. Full Awareness of Working at Heights & Knowledge about the Relevant Equipment

The wind turbine experts have to work at heights, as it’s a common part of their jobs. That’s because it’s important for proper repair and maintenance of the wind turbines. For this reason, the experts should have sufficient knowledge about non-negotiable requirements, harnesses, anchor points, fall protector systems, and lanyards. 

The wind turbine experts should inspect these components and equipment regularly. In addition, they should know how to use them properly to maintain the efficiency. 

3. Compliance with Lockout-Tagout Processes

When it comes to lockout-tagout processes, they are all about isolating different energy sources before the repair and maintenance work begins. Having said that, wind turbine experts should know how to implement these safety protocols because they minimize the chances of accidental start-up of the equipment and machinery. 

In addition, it will ensure that workers are safe from electric shocks, even when the systems are connected. This is important because it ensures the safety of the workers who are working in closer proximity to the wind turbine sites. 

4. Good Understanding of How to Keep Electrical Equipment Safe 

Electrical systems inside wind blades are very complicated. To keep electrical accidents from happening while testing, fixing, or keeping a wind turbine, it is very important to get the right training. To be precise, they should have a proper understanding of how to handle live circuits, grounding, and insulation testing. In addition, wind turbine experts should know how to work around electrical equipment – they should have sufficient training.

5. Having the Right Fire Safety and Emergency Reaction Plans in Place 

There is a chance of fire in wind energy operations because of the electrical parts and lubricants inside the blades. Fires can be less dangerous if there are good fire suppression devices and clear emergency response plans. Having said that, wind turbine experts should know about the fire and emergency reaction plans to make sure they can instantly implement them. They should also know when the right time to implement these plans is.

6. How to Safely Lift and Set up Things to Get to High Places 

Safe lifting techniques must be followed when moving heavy parts for repair or installation. Regular checks should be done on rigging tools like slings and shackles to make sure they don’t break while moving things. The wind turbine experts should know how long they should conduct these checks. There are various regulations related to the implementation of safety checks. 

7. Being Aware of the Weather Properly 

The weather has a big effect on how wind turbines work. To avoid accidents during bad weather, it’s important to keep an eye on weather reports and have clear evacuation plans (in case things change quickly). The wind turbine experts must have strong metrological skills to determine the weather. There are various met systems as well, and they should know how to use them to prepare for different weather conditions. 

8. Good Communication Skills for Techs & Ground Team to Talk to Each Other 

Clear communication is important at any job, but it’s even more important in wind energy activities, where workers need to work together. Standardized communication methods, radios, and signal systems all help make the workplace safer. 

9. Availability of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is something that wind energy workers must have. Some examples of PPE are hats, safety glasses, gloves, and boots with steel toes. As the first line of defense in an accident, PPE is a very important active safety measure that can help keep people from getting hurt or damaged. 

Use the best lifting gear when installing or fixing wind blades to keep yourself safe. When installing and maintaining wind turbines, the lifting tools you choose can have a big effect on how well they work and how safe it is. 

Having said that, if you want to hire wind turbine experts for your site, Eco Energy Solutions has a team of professionals working around the clock. All of them are certified and trained, so no compromises on safety either!

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